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Raspberry Pi 2 ULTIMATE Kit

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Raspberry Pi



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  • Raspberry Pi Ultimate Kit contains everything you need to get started with your Raspberry Pi 2in as little time as possible! Raspberry Pi Supreme Kit contains everything contained in the Starter Kit with the addition of input hardware! We've carefully compatibility tested all components, and only selected the very best manufacturer guaranteed, high quality parts available! You won't find a better kit at a better price.

    Raspberry Pi Ultimate Kit Includes:

    • Raspberry Pi 2-Made in UK made1Gb RAM
    • Raspberry Pi Case- Transparentcolor
    • Pre-loaded SD Card-Choice of NOOBS-Loaded 8GBSamsung MicroSD Card
    • Power Supply- 5V, 2AStandard forEU
    • Video Cable-HDMI 2m.
    • USB to Micro USB Cable-2m.
    • Ethernet RJ45 Cable-2m.
    • Keyboard & Mouse-WiredKeyboard & Mouse Bundles (QWERTY English layout)
    • Wireless Dongle- Nano version
    • USB Hub- with5 USB ports
    • Bluetooth Dongle- Great for connecting your Pi via Bluetooth to your phone or computer!
    • SD Card Reader- Useful for loading data to your SD card or checking your operating system!
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