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MiniIOEx 3G Support Raspberry Pi IO Shield | with Module

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  • With a powerful CPU, camera input and programmable IO pins, Raspberry Pi and MiniIOEx 3G IO Shield are the perfect solution for industrial automation and IoT (internet of things) sectors. MiniIOEx 3G Raspberry Pi IO Shield, with UC20 module, allows the remote control of motors, sensors, industrial machines and home electronics, using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM or 3G. With UC20 module MiniIOEX 3G can use a regular SIM card for constant connectivity anywhere.

    MiniIOEx 3G Module Raspberry Pi IO Shield Details

    • 2 Digital Input
    • 2 Digital Output via Relay
    • 2 Digital Output via mosfet 5V
    • 2 Analog Input RS232
    • Embedded Quectel UC20 GSM/3G Module
    • Input power voltage 5V USB & 12-24VDC
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