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    MakeBlock mBot Bluetooth Kit v1.2 - Blue

    Use the world's most preferred Stem Educational Robot at home or at school.

    mBot is a low-priced and easy-to-use robot kit designed for children to use and learn to program. You can program it simply with block programming logic, you can add extra hardware on it and add different features according to your imagination.

    Thanks to the device's Bluetooth feature, you can either manually control it from your mobile phone with the Turkish-supported Makeblock application (Android/iOS), or program it by connecting it wirelessly! 

    What Can You Do With mBot?

    • You can easily make any project you want by using the line, ultrasonic, light, button, IR receiver, RGB LED, buzzer and other peripherals on it.
    • You can build a wall-escaping robot,
    • You can make a line follower robot,
    • You can play according to some music sounds,
    • You can control the robot with a standard TV remote or a compatible remote control,
    • With IR communication, you can dance as a group with other mBot robots in robotic cooperation.
    • By interacting with Scratch, you can implement scenarios and games in the Scratch program.
    • You can play fight or soccer with the app.
    • You can enable it to make coordinated movements by communicating with other mBots.

    Parts List:

    • 2 × Micro TT motor
    • 1 × Universal wheel
    • 1 x Me Ultrasonic Sensor
    • 1 × mCore (motherboard)
    • 15 × Socket head screw M4x8
    • 1 x Me Line Tracking Sensor
    • 2×90T plastic wheel
    • 6 × Countersunk screw M3x25
    • 1 x Bluetooth module
    • 2 × Tire 90T B
    • 8 × M3 nut
    • 1 x Installation booklet
    • 2 × Velcro (velcro)
    • 4 × Self-drilling screws M2.2 x 9.5
    • 1 x Line tracker
    • 4 × Metal riser M4x25
    • 2 x 6P6C RJ25 cable-20cm
    • 1 x IR remote control
    • 1 × Robot body (chassis)
    • 1 x USB A to B cable-1m
    • 1 × Battery holder 4xAA
    • 1 × Screwdriver

    Easy assembling

    The robot will come to you disassembled. You can make your robot ready for use by easily combining the 40 pieces in the set.

    Small But Capable

    mBot is ready to fulfill all the functions you would expect from a mobile robot, thanks to the built-in ultrasonic obstacle sensor, line sensor and wireless communication module. Thanks to the mCore card, other sensors/modules can be added easily. The sensors eliminate problems such as reverse plugging, thanks to the RJ45 type sockets used in telephones. With the compatible connections on the enclosure box of the mCore card, Lego pieces can be easily connected to the robot. In addition, thanks to the fact that the robot is completely open source and supports Arduino, you can do advanced programming using Arduino IDE if you want.

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MakeBlock mBot Bluetooth Kit v1.2 - Blue


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