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Raspberry Pi Compute Module KIT

Raspberry Pi Compute Module KIT

enables advanced design engineers to use the Compute Module IO Board and Compute Module along with the downloadable board schematics to create their own PCB design and harness the power of the Raspberry Pi into their own embedded application.

Product Information

Flexible & Rapid Prototype Development, Small & Powerful, Large Range of GPIOs & Interfaces, On board 4GB eMMC Flash memory


  • Core Architecture: ARM
  • Core Sub-Architecture: ARM1176JZF-S


Compute Module:

  • SODIMM sized 6.5cm by 3cm board
  • BCM2835 chip with 512MB RAM
  • On board 4GB eMMC Flash memor
  • 200 pin edge connector


IO board:

  • Multiple GPIO interfaces
  • 1 x micro USB connector type B
  • 1 x USB connector type A
  • 2 x CSI ports for camera boards
  • 2 x DSI ports for display boards
  • Full size HDMI port




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