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MI:Pro Protector Case

MI:Pro - micro:bit Protector Case

MI:Pro is the smallest case for micro:bit. MI:Pro case protects micro:bit board without covering the edge connectors or A & B buttons , and it has a transparent front so the LED lights can stay visible. MI:Pro Protector Case comes in four colors: Clear, Green, Blue and Orange.

micro:bit and Batteries' Holder are NOT Included

MI:Pro Case - Clear MI:Pro Case - Green MI:Pro Case - Blue MI:Pro Case - Orange

MI:Pro Case - Clear Back MI:Pro Case - Green Back MI:Pro Case - Blue Back MI:Pro Case - Orange Back

MI:Pro Case Contents

  • 4 x M3 Cheese Head Nylon Machine Screw.
  • 1 x Counter Sunk M3 8mm Screw.
  • 5 x M3 Nylon Full Nut.
  • 1 x Back Mounting Plate.
  • 1 x Mid-layer Screw Hole Plate.
  • 1 x Front Plate.
  • 2 x Mid-layer Plate.

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2 $4.39$8.79
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9 $1.04$9.31

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