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Raspberry Pi Model B+

What’s New? What’s Changed?

  • A metal micro SD card slot on the back. Better reliability than the previous SD Card plastic slot. If you were wondering why the official NOOBS cards are micro-SD cards with an SD adaptor, now you know!
  • A newly designed power circuit (A) with an efficient switching regulator. This means that if you’re running your Pi from batteries, you’ll be able to use it for longer between charges/replacement. If you’re not, it should use a bit less power, which is a good thing.
  • A composite video and audio combined (B) into a single socket. We now have a 4-pole 3.5mm socket that does the job of both composite video and stereo analog audio sockets from the model B. It’s much more compact and elegant than the previous solution. The analog audio quality has been improved as well.
  • 4 USB ports onboard (C). Instead of the previous 2. This pretty much eliminates the need for a powered hub. Massive improvement.
  • 40 GPIO pins (D) (up from 26) with 9 new GPIO ports, 2 DNC pins and 3 new GND pins. The P5 header is gone.
  • Cables only on 2 sides now. Composite, audio and power have all been moved to the same side as the HDMI port. So two sides of the Pi now don’t have cables coming out of them.
  • Better tolerance to low voltages. Many people had issues early on with inadequate power supplies. These should almost disappear now (apart from perhaps with some USB peripherals.) 
  • 4 mount holes. Rev 2 Pi had 2 holes, but they were not ‘officially’ mount holes. 
  • Rounded corners
  • A slightly smaller overall footprint because the USB ports don’t stick out much over the edge of the board.



Technical Features:

  • Chip: Broadcom BCM2835 SoC full HD multimedia applications processor
  • CPU: 700 MHz Low Power ARM1176JZ-F Applications Processor
  • GPU: Dual Core VideoCore IV® Multimedia Co-Processor
  • Memory: 512MB SDRAM
  • Ethernet: onboard 10/100 Ethernet RJ45 jack
  • 4 USB 2.0 port
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm jack, HDMI with a dedicated low-noise power supply.
  • GPIO Port extended to 40 pins
  • Onboard Storage: MicroSD push-push
  • Lower power consumption
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Dimensions: 8.6cm x 5.4cm x 1.7cm
  • Made in UK


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