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65 Male-Male Jumper Cables

Breadboard Jumper Cables - 65 Male-Male

high quality jumper cables, useful for creating circuits between your Raspberry Pi or Arduino using a breadboard. Both ends of the wires are male and fit any breadboard. They are flexible, durable and reusable 65 jumper wires, they are colored and have different lengths to be easy to trace, easy to connect and disconnect. They are useful and convenient for electronic.

Breadboard Jumper Cables Lengths

  • 11 cm x 47
  • 15 cm x 8
  • 20 cm x 5
  • 24 cm x 5
İş Bankası
2 $1.19$2.38
6 $0.40$2.38
9 $0.28$2.53

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