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4,3" 480×272 HDMI LCD Touch Screen for

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4,3 HDMI LCD Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi

4,3" HDMI LCD Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi

A mini HDMI LCD 4.3" screen with resistive touch feature, has a 480×272 resolution and is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi after B+.


4,3" HDMI LCD Features

  • 480×272 high resolution
  • Resistive touch control
  • Compatible and Direct-connect with any revision of Raspberry Pi (except the Pi 1 model B or Pi Zero, which requires an HDMI cable)
  • Drivers provided (works with your own Raspbian/Ubuntu directly)
  • HDMI interface for displaying, no I/Os required (however, the touch panel still needs I/Os)
  • Back light control to lower power consumption



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