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BBC Micro:Bit CLUB

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  • x10 Micro:Bit x10 Battery Holder x10 USB cable x20 AA Batteries

    Containing 10 times of what the micro:bit Go has to offer, the CLUB kit is for sure is the best solution for groups, scouts, schools and training institutions. As long as you have 10 computers in class, the group will have all they need to start coding and developing

    Robotic Classes With micro:bit

    Mechanics, Robotics and Coding are the new main attraction in school camps; they are turning into the main life of 21st century. The classes of robotics are expanding; Robots and programming can help us all, now and in the future in our everyday lives from house appliances to even space projects. Furthermore, a lot of kids today have a mechanical mind and like to build things. With the help of micro:bit robotics camps for kids and teens are made easy, they can work in teams, they can do experiments and create in classes of 10. Even teachers can learn it easily so can start on demonstrating and helping the kids learn.

    BBC Micro Bit specifications

    • Size: approx. 5cm x 4cm
    • Weight: 8g
    • Processor: 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU
    • Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Digital Compass
    • Accelerometer
    • Micro-USB controller
    • 5x5 LED matrix with 25 red LEDs
    • 2 programmable buttons
    • 3 Analogue input/output ports
    • 20 pin connectors
    • Can be powered by 2x AAA batteries

    What can Mirco:Bit do?

    In order for micro:bit to be easy for teachers and students, to make projects and learn with it, it can be programmed using 4 simple ways. Any micro:bit computer can be programmed using codes developed by: simplified JavaScript, Microsoft Block Editor, Microsoft Touch Develop, or Python. These languages and software allow children to learn more about the programming, creating projects or even inventing their own robots. When it was first launched the BBC director-general Tony Hall said ""The BBC micro:bit has the potential to be a seminal piece of British innovation, helping this generation to be the coders, programmers and digital pioneers of the future"". We as Samm are gonna follow on this vision to provide the latest technology that will be enable inventors and students in Turkey to be in the lead of the coming robotic friendly future.

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